Chilean Free Trade Agreement Form

Chilean Free Trade Agreement Form

If you`re a business owner looking to expand your operations into Chile, understanding the Chilean Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is critical to your success. The agreement, signed in 2003, provides significant benefits for businesses looking to trade goods and services between Chile and the United States.

One important aspect of the Chilean FTA is the form required to take advantage of its benefits. The form, known as the Chilean Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin form, or simply the FTA form, verifies that your goods meet the requirements outlined in the agreement. The form must be completed accurately and submitted to the appropriate authorities to receive tariff benefits.

To complete the FTA form, you`ll need the following information:

1. Product description: A detailed description of the product being exported, including its HS code (Harmonized System code).

2. Shipment details: The quantity, weight, and value of the goods being exported, as well as the mode of transport.

3. Origin criteria: The criteria that established the product`s eligibility for FTA benefits.

4. Certification statement: A statement by the exporter declaring that the information provided is accurate and that the product meets the requirements of the Chilean FTA.

It`s important to note that not all products are eligible for FTA benefits, so it`s essential to consult the agreement and seek guidance from trusted experts before completing the form.

Submitting the form is a straightforward process, and it can be done electronically or in hard copy. Once submitted, the form is reviewed, and if approved, the exporter will receive a certificate of origin, which verifies that their product has met the requirements for FTA benefits.

In conclusion, understanding the Chilean Free Trade Agreement and the FTA form is critical to exporting goods to Chile from the United States. Completing the FTA form accurately and submitting it promptly is crucial for your business to take advantage of the benefits outlined in the agreement. Seek guidance from experts and ensure that your products meet the eligibility criteria before completing the form.

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